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Seed recently launched the world largest eraser in its Radar range, measuring 276 x 141 x 43mm and weighing over 5 pounds, making it one of the largest commercial erasers, if not the largest.

The world largest eraser

Japanese eraser manufacturer Seed was founded in 1915, making it one of the oldest companies in the industry. Its most popular product line, Radar, was launched in 1968 and quickly became a darling in the Japanese market. The smooth texture and perfect erasing performance made the radar a commercial success, despite its premium price range of 20-50 yen, when 10 yen erasers were normal. Since then, the Radar line has been going strong, with erasers of all shapes and sizes, including a massive 2,285-gram slab priced at a whopping ¥13,200 yen ($100 USD).

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