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The most beautiful scenery is not always found in fairy tales. In the province of Overijssel in the northwest of the Netherlands, there is such a paradise village – Giethoorn, The village without roads. Surrounded by water, living by the water, light and shadow, clouds and moon, small bridges and flowing water, the picture is simply too beautiful to bear to look at…

The village without roads attracts countless people

“Giethoorn” is known as “Green Venice”. Why does it have such a slightly tacky name? At first, a group of coal diggers lived here. Later, they dug out many “goat horns” underground, and these horns were wild goats that lived around 1170. Since the first people to appear here were a group of wild goats, people have called it “Giethoorn” since then.

The only ways to this “paradise” are waterways and the 176 wooden bridges that connect to the outside world. Visitors traveling here must get off the bus early outside the village and choose to walk or take a boat tour of the village.

If you come here alone outside the peak tourist season, all you can hear are the quacking of ducks and the chirping of birds. Even the engines of the boats have been silenced so as not to break the tranquility of nature.

In order to allow ships to pass through and transport supplies, local residents widened the ditch, thus forming the beautiful scenery of canals and lakes today.

Most of the buildings here adopt reed structures. Reeds are used as building materials. They are rainproof and waterproof, durable, and can also greatly reduce the load-bearing of the foundation. The most important thing is that they have a simple beauty. It fits perfectly into the village setting.

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