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In 2014, a team of astronomical scientists came to the vast Gobi Desert in Dahongliuxia Township, Barkol County, Xinjiang, and braved the scorching heat and cold to build a “radio” composed of a radio telescope array, hoping to hear the sounds of the universe. The team is called the “Cosmic Dark Matter and Dark Energy Research Group of the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.”

The radio hears the sound of the universe

Wang Yougang revealed that in the eyes of chief scientist Chen Xuelei, the radio telescope array is like a “radio” that listens to the sounds of the universe. It has already received 400TB of cosmic information.

Wang Yougang also believes that “the possibility of aliens existing in the universe is relatively high.” “If I contact aliens, my first words should be ‘Hello, alien.’ Whether I can understand them or not is another matter.”

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