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In Man Lok Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong, there is a “luxurious toilet” made of 760 pounds of pure gold, which can be called “most luxurious toilet in the world.”

The most luxurious toilet in the world

It is reported that the luxurious toilet cost a total of HK$38 million and was made of 760 kilograms of gold, diamonds, gems and more than 6,000 pearls. In addition, the interior style of the gold toilet is all designed in the ancient Roman style, and the walls are also decorated with reliefs carved in gold.

The entire interior of the bathroom is made of pure gold, even the bathtub for bathing is no exception.

Here, everything from toilet brushes, toilet paper boxes, picture frames, and trash cans to large toilets, washbasins, chandeliers, tiles on the floor, and doors are all made of 24K gold.

In addition, the entire bathroom is equipped with automatic flushing, automatic drying and other equipment, which is very convenient to use. This is the real golden basin hand washing.

The luxury of the luxurious toilet is self-evident, and people from all over the world come here to see the elegance of the gold toilet. Not only that, the luxurious toilet has set two Guinness World Records, and is called “the most expensive toilet in the world” and “the most luxurious toilet in the world”.

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