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The most expensive mineral water in the world, Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani – worth $60,000 for 750 ml, this may just be the most expensive bottled water in the world.

The most expensive mineral water in the world

But probably no one would drink it to quench their thirst, because it is almost the same as fairy water. Because this water is mostly made from France or Fiji.

If you really think about it, water alone wouldn’t be that expensive, but the bottle is made of solid gold and weighs 24 carats.

Because the bottle is made from Tequila Ley and was designed by Fernando Altamirano, one of the designers of one of the most expensive spirits in the world. Since it is also a design of the Cognac Dudognon Legacy Henri IV, it is also considered the most expensive bottle of Cognac in the world. So in addition to solid gold bottles, there are also gold frosted, silver, silver frosted, all those combinations due to crystals and all sorts. The non-pure gold bottle costs $3,600. Because the bottles are equipped with some leather cases. And it also contains 5 mg of some gold powder in the water.

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