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There are some dim areas on the moon’s surface, called lunar sea. These shadows have always been the subject of intense research by scientists, but they have never been able to find out the cause of their formation. Recently, some scholars have put forward the hypothesis that there should be no natural force that can create these deep shadows on the moon, so they are most likely traces left by alien exploration.

The lunar sea is a trace left by alien exploration?

Scientists from Arizona State University in the United States said that even if alien technology is advanced and it is unlikely to leave traces, these pits are obviously “excavated by humans.” Scientists are preparing to analyze 340,000 close-up photos of the lunar sea taken by NASA and use software to find what these shadows have in common.

In the past, most scientists believed that the lunar sea was caused when an asteroid hit the moon, causing the lunar mantle (the rock in the moon’s crust) to flow out, causing basaltic magma to cover low-lying areas, forming a significant shadow.

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