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On November 28, local time, female elephant Ma Li passed away in Manila, Philippines, at the age of 49. Ma Li, known as “the loneliest elephant in the world,” lived in the Manila Zoo during her lifetime and was considered the only elephant in the Philippines.

The loneliest elephant dies

It is understood that Ma Li was born in Sri Lanka in 1974 and was sent to the Philippines as a diplomatic gift when she was 3 years old. When she was taken away, she was still in the lactation stage and had just begun to learn to play with her companions, find food and swim by herself, etc., but in this country At the age when he should be cared for, he came to a strange country alone.

Originally, it had a companion named Shiva, but the latter died in 1990, leaving her alone. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) called Mali one of the “sadest elephants in the world.”

Beginning in 2005, the organization called for sending Ma Li to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. Although it received support from many celebrities from all walks of life, it failed in the end. The reason was that the mayor of Manila once said that it was They have lived in the zoo for too long, and if they are rashly sent to the wild, they may not be able to survive.

Regarding Ma Li’s death, netizens in the country posted on social platforms one after another. Some people said that they had visited it in person and could feel its loneliness and sadness firsthand. Some netizens believed that Ma Li’s death was indeed sad, but at the same time, they I am also happy because it is finally free and no longer has to endure loneliness all the time.

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