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The Lucapa Diamond Company of Angola announced on its website that the large diamond named “Rose of Luro” was discovered in the Luro Beach Diamond Mine and is the largest pink diamond in the world in 300 years. Lucapa CEO Stephen Wetherell revealed in an interview: “Only one in 10,000 diamonds is pink. So when you find a very large pink diamond, you are definitely looking at it. It’s a very rare diamond.”

the largest pink diamond in the world in 300 years

It is understood that the pink diamond will be sold by Sodiam, Angola’s national diamond marketing company, through an international tender. Because of its rare color, this gem will likely fetch a premium. “We are looking for the kimberlite pipes that brought these diamonds to the surface, which are the original source of the diamonds,” Wetherell said.

It is reported that the Luluo mine has produced 27 diamonds over 100 carats. The two largest diamonds ever found in Angola were also mined at the Luro mine, one of which was a 404-carat pure diamond. The pink gem discovered this time is the fifth largest diamond found in the mine.
According to the Lucapa website, Angola’s diamond mines make it one of the top ten diamond producers in the world. Angolan Energy Minister Diamantino Azevedo said: “The discovery of this record-breaking pink diamond from the Luro mine represents Angola’s status as an important player on the world diamond mining stage and demonstrates our growing Investment potential in the diamond mining industry.”

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