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The dog with the longest tongue in the world is a St. Bernard named Mochi. When its tongue is fully extended, the Guinness record was measured at 18.58 centimeters.

The dog with the longest tongue-Mochi

This St. Bernard dog named Mochi, raised by Americans, has now won the honor of being the world’s largest with its 18.58 cm tongue.

But in fact, this long tongue brings huge inconvenience to it in normal times. Not only does it often cause difficulty in breathing, but it also drools when it breathes quickly, and sometimes it also suffers from Stick your mouth out too long and your tongue will get stuck on the dirt on the ground.

According to its owner, when Mochi walks on the road, people often pay attention to its long tongue very quickly, and some people even keep pointing at it, or stop and laugh at it.

Also Mochi doesn’t care about the ridicule. The owner is also very happy that it can win the honor of being the best in the world because of its long tongue, which is worthy of her hard work of often wiping Mochi’s saliva.

It is said that Mochi’s life experience was very unfortunate. He had always been a wanderer. It was not until he was two years old that he gradually became lucky. That is, after being rescued by the Animal Rescue Association, he had the opportunity to meet his current owner Rickert.

After being adopted by his owner, he lived a relatively happy life. It is said that he has lived with his owner for six years, and the relationship between them is still very deep.

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