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The deepest cave in the world is located in the Kurubyala Cave in the Arabeka Mountains in the Republic of Abkhazia, Georgia. It was discovered in 1960.

The deepest cave in the world

The Kurubyala Cave is currently the deepest known cave in the world, with a proven depth of more than 2,197 meters (2012) and a total length of about 13,432 meters. Located in the Arabeka Mountains of Georgia, it is the only cave known to mankind with a depth of more than 2,000 meters.

It is reported that the depth of the Kurubyala Cave is constantly being updated and deepened. Perhaps in the near future, the deepest cave in the world will break through again and reach a new depth.

The bottom of the cave is also covered by a large amount of groundwater. If you want to truly reach the bottom of the cave, you must not only have sufficient caving technology and equipment, but also sophisticated diving tools.

In fact, humans have not really reached the deepest part of the cave. In addition, there are many branches to explore in this underground corridor. Different from mountaineering, cave descent requires more skills in descent rescue in mountaineering and rock climbing. In order to facilitate in-depth exploration, the expedition team established multiple camps at some nodes in the cave.

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