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The coldest village in the world. Just looking at the photos makes you feel like the air conditioning is lingering around you. This is the coldest place in the world. It’s really hard to imagine how people live here.

The coldest village in the world

It is Oymyakon in Russia, located in Eastern Siberia, 800 kilometers northeast of Yakutsk and on the upper reaches of the Indigirka River. It is called “the coldest village on earth”. This place is so cold you shiver just looking at pictures of it.

This is the only road leading to the village and is known as the “Road of Bones”.

Here, it seems that only fish and meat are on the market, because green plants are hard to come by.

Besides being cold here, it’s still cold! My breath is freezing! It feels so cold. However, it is said that people here generally live longer, I wonder if it is related to the cold! The coldest village in the world, do you want to go?

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