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Houston, the largest city in Texas, nicknamed Space City, experienced an astonishing UFO sighting in 2014. The photo taken was praised by the British Mirror on August 19, 2014 as possibly the clearest UFO photo in the world.

The clearest UFO photo recorded in history to date

The sightings began during a thunderstorm on the evening of August 11, 2014, and continued until the morning of August 12. According to media reports, hundreds of people witnessed this bright, round, unidentified object hovering in the night sky of the city.

On the morning of Tuesday, August 12, 2014, a local DJ in Houston began to announce the UFO news. The local news media then widely reported it. In addition to broadcasting it in various news sections, KPRC TV station also disclosed it on its website. Everyone in Dayton is wondering what is the round glowing object in the sky?

nathaniel xavier@djnayyz was the first user to post photos on the social networking sites Twitter and Instagram. He posted several photos taken in East Houston, and then many people continued to post their own images, or reposted, which also included a video, and these photos and videos went viral on various social networking sites. After that, major international mainstream media joined the report and began to follow suit, and tried to analyze the possibility of UFOs.

The only video was taken by a YouTube user named Andrew Pena, which is very valuable. He was driving at the time and originally just wanted to take pictures of lightning and thunderstorms. He pointed the camera lens at the sky and checked the video after 30 seconds. He thought After taking a picture of the ball lightning, he rolled down the window and saw it with his own eyes. He found that the bright light was flying in a semicircle from left to right. It was really crazy!

This incident is reminiscent of the UFO incident that occurred in Hong Kong after thunder and lightning on the evening of September 8, 2010. The Observatory’s final investigation concluded that this was reflected from a streetlight at the bus stop that was shaped like a flying saucer and had eight lamp heads. The two are exactly the same, and in fact there is still no conclusion.

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