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Most of the plants we raise in life can only be watered, but in nature some plants survive by eating meat. They can prey on insects. Let’s take a look at the 10 rare carnivorous plants on the earth.

The 10 most rare carnivorous plants on Earth

1. Carnivorous flower

Carnivorous flower looks very beautiful and exudes a faint fragrance. It is this fragrance that attracts small insects to fall into the trap and burrow into its stamens. Wait until they slowly corrode before greeting the next distinguished guest.

2. Butterweed

The leaves of Butterweed have some gland-like things that are sticky, which helps it lure animals to capture and digest animals. When an insect is caught and it begins to struggle, the plant will secrete some sap so that the insect cannot escape.

3. Utricularia

Utricularia is a small carnivorous plant with a movable cyst-like insect-catching structure, which can suck small organisms into the cyst and digest them. Their secret to hunting animals is that their bladders eat water fleas, tadpoles, and fish fry.

4. Venus flytrap

The Venus flytrap is a very interesting carnivorous plant. It has a very short stem and a “shell”-like insect trap on the top of the leaf. It can secrete honey. When there are small insects, When it breaks in, it can catch and digest them very quickly. It also eats small frogs.

5. Nepenthes

Nepenthes has a raceme with small green or purple flowers. The bottle-shaped body on the top of the leaf is a tool for catching insects. The cover of the bottle-shaped body can secrete fragrance and attract insects. The mouth of the bottle is smooth, and the insects will slip into the bottle and be drowned by the liquid secreted from the bottom of the bottle, which will decompose the nutrients of the insect body and gradually digest and absorb them.

6. Water wheel flower

It grows in water and looks like an open book when it hunts prey. When the prey touches its trigger hairs, the plant will quickly close the “book” and lock the animal inside. This method of eating insects is particularly fast, catching prey in just 0.01 seconds.

7. Buckskin

This plant is also called Western Australian pitcher plant. It is mainly distributed in Australia. It grows very short and spreads widely.

8. Portuguese Carnivorous Flower

This plant emits a sweet smell that attracts many insects, and its leaves secrete sap that sticks to animals.

9. Cobra grass

Cobra grass is a very well-known carnivorous plant species. It is named after its resemblance to a cobra and is the collection target of many players. This plant has a small vent, and insects can’t get out after they fly in.

10. North American pitcher plant

The liquid secreted by this plant has a fragrant smell, which attracts insects. When a bug is stuck, it becomes dizzy, drowns, and is then digested.

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