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Thailand’s tallest building is a landmark building in Bangkok, Thailand, and the tallest building in Thailand. It has been controversial because of its unique shape, and has been criticized numerous times, with both praise and criticism.

Thailand's tallest building

The MahaNakhon skyscraper is a landmark building in Bangkok, Thailand. Some people say that its appearance is like an unfinished “mosaic”, some say that it looks like gnawed corn, others say that it looks like an incomplete building, and still others say It’s like the photo has been processed by a computer to create a disappearing pixel effect.

In fact, although some of these statements are not pleasant to hear, they are still quite vivid. The designer’s imagination is still a little different from ordinary people, so he built such a building with its own pixels!

Looking at this building during the day, it looks a bit inconsistent. The irregular “mosaic” design, uneven appearance, and intricate glass windows may make patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder feel crazy.

But at night, the entire building is dazzling, charming, and the beautiful scenery is amazing. Maybe this is what the designer intended.

The MahaNakhon Building, which means “huge city” in Thai, was designed by German architect Ole Scheeren. It is 314 meters high and has 77 floors. The “mosaic” on the top adopts a stepped design, and the exterior walls are all made of glass, making this building The architecture is very personal and modern, making it unforgettable.

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