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There is an “indestructible” life on Earth that can withstand extreme radiation, intense heat, extreme cold in the universe, and even survive without food for decades. Now, they may have “settled” on the moon. This scary-sounding creature is not an alien, but an Earth microorganism called a “tardigrade.”

Tardigrades may be the most powerful creatures on earth

The tardigrade is the most vital species on earth. This extremely tiny animal has 4 pairs of legs. It is a multicellular invertebrate. It is only about 1 mm in size, and its appearance can only be seen clearly with a microscope. According to reports, tardigrades can live for 30 years without eating or drinking, can tolerate temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius, and can survive in extreme environments such as Antarctica and the deep sea. A joint study by British and American researchers believes that tardigrades are the most “hard to destroy” species on Earth and can survive all possible astronomical disasters, including asteroid impacts.

With such tenacious vitality, does it mean that this “powerful” creature will survive and “settle” on the surface of the moon?

William Miller, a tardigrade expert at Baker University, told AFP that tardigrades could theoretically survive the tiny pressures and extreme temperatures of the lunar surface, but even without the failure of the Israeli moon landing “To be active, grow, eat and reproduce, tardigrades also need water, air and food.”

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