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According to reports, Swiss glaciers may lose 90%, and Switzerland has lost more than 500 glaciers. By the end of the century, 90% of the remaining 1,500 glaciers may disappear. The Belvedere Hotel, built in 1882, is located on the Furka Pass, overlooking the Rhone Glacier. However, the hotel was forced to close three years ago because the glacier retreated 2 kilometers.

Swiss glaciers may lose 90%

Matthias Hus of the Swiss glacier monitoring agency GLAMOS said that Switzerland lost about 2% of its glaciers in the past year. Such rapid rates of glacier decline have never been seen since measurements began. The Swiss government stated that more than 500 glaciers in Switzerland have disappeared. If global emission reduction goals cannot be achieved, 90% of the existing glaciers will disappear by the end of this century. Looking at the Swiss glaciers that no longer exist, I feel very uncomfortable.

Previously, according to a study published by the Swiss Academy of Sciences, more than 500 icebergs have disappeared in Switzerland since 1900, and the flow of the Pitzol Glacier on the north side of the Alps has decreased by 80%-90% in three years. At this rate, glaciers in central Europe, western Canada and the United States will completely melt.

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