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It has long been recognized that four “fundamental forces” govern nature, and scientists may now have discovered a fifth force of nature.

According to the British “Independent” website, matter in the universe is pulled together or pushed apart by these forces. What determines it all is the fact that they appear to be irreducible to more fundamental interactions between particles.

Scientists may have discovered fifth force of nature

The four “fundamental forces” include gravity and electromagnetism, which produce important long-distance interactions whose effects can be seen directly in everyday life.

Two other forces, known as the strong and weak nuclear forces, generate forces at tiny subatomic distances and govern nuclear physics.

According to reports, over the years, there have been many unproven ideas claiming that there is a fifth fundamental force in nature, but the long-term search for dark matter has been fruitless. In order to fill the gaps that cannot be explained by the Standard Model of particle physics, scientists have made more efforts to find new forces.

Dark matter is a theoretical substance that is estimated to account for 80% of the total mass of the universe, but has not yet been discovered.

But now, scientists at the Institute of Nuclear Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences believe they may have found stronger evidence for the existence of a previously unknown fifth fundamental force of nature.

In 2015, after studying the light emitted by the radioactive decay of beryllium-8, Otilo Klausnauholkaoy and colleagues reported for the first time some surprising results. Beryllium-8 is an unstable isotope.

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