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The concept of time travel has always attracted the attention of countless people for a long time. Going back in time to witness or change some things is also a topic of interest to many people, so time travel has become more and more popular. In recent years, scientists have discovered some evidence of time travel. See if they can convince you?

Scientists discover evidence of time travel

First let’s take a look at, Charlie Chaplin’s The Time Traveler. In 1928, his film “The Circus” was performed in theaters in Hollywood, California. Of course, at that time, the movie was very successful. In the decades that followed, the DVD version also made this film a classic. However, many people have discovered a very strange scene in the movie. There was a woman in the background who seemed to be holding a mobile phone and talking while walking. However, mobile phones were not invented until 1973. However, some people say that this is just a miniature hearing aid. However, opponents think, why should she use a hearing aid in such a noisy environment? Instead, they believe the woman was a time traveler who was only there to catch a glimpse of Chaplin himself.

Small Swiss watch in a tomb. In September 2008, a 400-year-old Ming Dynasty tomb was discovered in Shangsi County, China. However, while examining the outside of the coffin, archaeologists discovered something very strange. Surprisingly, there was a tiny piece of non-ferrous metal wrapped in a ball of ancient dirt, which seemed to be a watch. The time on the watch is fixed at 10:06. How could there be such a thing in an ancient tomb that has been sealed in dust for 400 years? Could it be that in the Ming Dynasty, such craftsmanship was available to make such precise watches? But some people say that this is just a scam, and some people say it is PS. However, people who believe in time travel believe that this is a typical time travel event.

Time traveling boxing fans. In 1995, clips of Mike Tyson’s fight became one of the hottest videos on the Internet. The clip shows a front-row spectator using a smartphone to record the moment Tyson faced off in the ring. That thing looked like a current cell phone, perfectly capable of capturing that moment. But the first mobile phone camera wasn’t commercially available until 2000. Some people also say that it was just an early digital camera. As far as we know so far, digital cameras shoot horizontally, and shooting photos vertically is a function only available on today’s smartphones. Therefore, no one can give a clear explanation for this picture until now.

The above are all evidence of the existence of time and space travel. Of course, there must be many similar incidents. I wonder if you think these are convincing? Or do you think this is all a scam?

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