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According to CNN, a new study in the British Journal of Experimental Biology shows that bees can count under the pressure of being “punished.”

Researchers say bees can count

Previously, bees have been experimentally verified to be able to perform simple operations within 4. So experimenter Scarlett Howard collected 22 bees and began digital training on them. She designed a Y-shaped maze, with the correct side containing four shapes and the wrong answer containing not four but less than 10 shapes.

During the training process, she divided the bees into two groups. After the bees in the first group were selected, the bees that chose the right one would be rewarded, and the bees that chose the wrong one would not be punished. But in the second group, the wrong bees were fed bitter quinine.

The experiment found that the group of bees who found out that they had done something wrong and were punished performed better and better afterwards.

Scarlett said, “The digital abilities of insects are actually comparable to those of animals such as dolphins, and they can also complete complex tasks.”

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