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Recently, the “Styx jellyfish” swimming in the deep sea of Antarctica was captured by an underwater robot. Under the lens of the deep sea camera, the jellyfish is walking in the water. It looks like it is wearing a huge hat on the top, and the tentacles about 10 meters long are like an extra-long “scarf”. Coupled with the dark atmosphere in the deep sea, it seems a bit “ghostly” mystery.

Rare Styx jellyfish photographed in Antarctica

The Styx jellyfish is a very rare creature, with less than 130 sightings so far. The Styx jellyfish is one of the largest invertebrate predators in the deep sea. It mainly relies on its four ribbon-like tentacles to prey on plankton and small fish. Although it looks soft and “weak”, its lethality is not inferior to that of sharks.

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