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Recently, some netizens discovered Monotropastrum humile at Jingshan Jiulong Waterfall. This plant is white and transparent. It looks a bit like the “Peashooter” in Plants vs. Zombies. It is similar in size to a bean sprout. What kind of strange plant is this?

Rare Monotropastrum humile looks like a peashooter

Staff at the research center said that this rare plant is called Monotropastrum humile, which belongs to the genus Crystal Orchid. It is a saprophytic herb that likes to live in dark and humid litter. It must rely on special bacteria to survive. This is a typical example. Heterotrophic organisms have very strict requirements on the growth environment and are very rare wild ornamental flower germplasm resources. Because it is crystal clear when it blooms and turns completely black when it wilts, some folks also call this plant the “Flower of the Underworld”! It is also known as “ghost grass”, “dream orchid” and other nicknames. Because the flowering period is short, the growing location is erratic, and the environmental requirements are high, it has always been difficult to find. It can be said that I was very lucky to find it this time.

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