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Recently, a plant called the “flower of death“, the crystal orchid, was discovered in Tianyu Scenic Area in Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province, China. The plants are more than ten centimeters tall and grow in clusters. They are all crystal white and have thin white “scales”, and there are slightly drooping flowers on the top of each plant.

Rare flower of death Crystal Orchid discovered

It is understood that this plant is actually called crystal orchid, which is not an orchid or a mushroom. It belongs to the wintergreen family. Perennial, herbaceous, saprophytic; the stem is erect, single, unbranched, 10-30 cm high, the whole plant has no chlorophyll, is white and fleshy, and turns dark brown when dried. It never performs photosynthesis and relies on decaying plants to obtain nutrients. Known as the Flower of Death.

Crystal orchid grows in the forest on the hillside at an altitude of 1650-3200 meters, in the cool and moist mixed needle and broad-leaved forest. In dark and humid areas, crystal white flowers emerge, like crystal-shaped pipes. The slightly drooping flowers are solitary at the top of the plant, emitting an alluring white light in the dark. It is a plant that attracts people to stop and admire. Distributed in Russia, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, and North America.

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