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On July 2, 2019, employees of the Lianyungang Project Department of China Railway Construction Port and Navigation Bureau accidentally discovered a strange red-tailed creature—a prehistoric species of fairy shrimp—in a pond next to Haibin Avenue in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province.

Prehistoric species fairy shrimp

The Lianyungang Marine and Fisheries Development Promotion Center Marine Ranch Kefu Guanghui High-tech Company confirmed that the creature is a seasonal aquatic crustacean with a history of more than 200 million years and is contemporary with the dinosaurs – fairy shrimp.

Its eggs can withstand several years of intense heat and severe cold. “Fairy shrimp includes branchworms, but is not the same as branchworms. Fairy shrimp is a broad concept,

It is a phylum of arthropods that is similar in appearance to branched worms, including branchial subphylum, crustacean class, branchiopod subclass, and some arthropods under the order Anochopoda. “Common ones include freshwater Artemia and seawater Artemia. They are called “fairy shrimp” because of their beautiful appearance and bright colors like fairies.

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