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Playing on your phone will make you fat. For female compatriots who pay great attention to their body shape and want to develop good beauty habits during sleep, this may be an unexpected blind spot.

According to research from the Lighting Research Center of Rensselaer University of Technology in New York, if you continue to look at the LCD screen with backlight before going to bed, the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that controls sleep and the body’s clock, will drop significantly.

Research from the same center shows that using a mobile phone or tablet to surf the Internet or play games for 60 minutes before going to bed will suppress the secretion of melatonin equivalent to 60 minutes of exposure to sunlight. If you watch the picture continuously for 2 hours, it will be even more suppressed.

Computer LCD screens, mobile phones, and LED lighting will emit a kind of blue light, which has a long wavelength and high energy. Recently, attention has been paid to the link between this blue light and the health of the eyes and the whole body.

People’s natural living habit is to bathe in blue light during the day and get a signal such as “it’s daytime, it’s time to be active”. At night, it becomes dark and cannot receive blue light, and gets a signal like “it’s night, it’s time to sleep”. However, if you use a computer or mobile phone to read emails before going to bed at night, you will feel blue light from your eyes even at night, and your brain will be confused and think it is daytime, and you may continue to be in “awake mode.” Therefore, melatonin secretion is disordered, and the rhythm of the body clock is also easily disrupted.

Playing on your phone will make you fat

So, what will happen if the biological clock is disrupted? Everyone knows that this will have an impact on sleep, but not only this impact, but also the probability of metabolic syndrome and cancer will increase.

A team from Ohio State University conducted an experiment to compare the weight gain of mice living in an environment with clear day and night and an environment that was also bright at night after 8 weeks. According to the results of the investigation, mice that spent the night in a bright environment gained significant weight in the first week, and the weight gain rate after 8 weeks was 50% higher than that of mice living in a normal environment. Mice in a bright environment at night increased their food intake by 55% during the day. Rats are originally nocturnal animals and eat at night. However, if there is a bright environment at night, the biological clock (body clock) will be disrupted, causing them to eat during the day. The same goes for people. If you spend the night in a bright environment, your biological clock will be disrupted, which may affect weight gain.

Moreover, research results show that spending time in a bright environment at night is more likely to cause cancer. Survey reports show that people who work shifts such as flight attendants and nurses are prone to obesity, cancer, myocardial infarction, depression and other diseases.

Although it is impossible for modern people to live a life like sunset, for the sake of health, you can stop playing with computers and mobile phones at 9 or 10 pm, relax, read, and try to stay away from blue light.

In order not to gain weight, to have a good sleep, and to work well, try to avoid contact with the bright light from computers and mobile phone screens at night, and spend your time leisurely in a quiet environment. Make every day healthy and comfortable.

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