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NASA’s Curiosity rover has taken 15 photos of what look like “mushrooms” on Mars for three consecutive days. Although the photos of mushrooms taken on Mars are black and white, it is still clearly visible that the object has fungi and stipes, which does not rule out the existence of life on Mars. Scientists even published this new discovery in a journal. NASA has not yet made any confirmation or refutation of this, and the actual situation has yet to be further confirmed by relevant units.

Photos of mushrooms taken on Mars

According to the report, although many scientists believe that, after the Earth, Mars is the most likely planet in the entire solar system to sustain life, this research is still controversial and has divergent opinions. Since the research claims have not been confirmed or refuted by NASA, some experts and scholars believe that the “mushrooms” in the photo may be iron oxide produced by the respiration of Martian soil, or they may be fungi formed by abiotic processes.”

Rizzo, a biogeologist at the National Research Council, said that there is currently some known scientific evidence to support the existence of life on Mars, and seasonal fluctuations in methane have been found. It is reported that this fluctuation may be related to the natural cycle of life and death of organic matter. There are different opinions on this, but the scientific community has reached a consensus that “if there are biological existence or activities on Mars, it must be under the surface of Mars.”

However, the report pointed out that the credibility of the study is open to question. But if this research is true, it can confirm that life is flourishing on the surface of Mars, which will also become a new breakthrough in the scientific community.

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