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Scientists have discovered that people struck by lightning share a secret. Although the probability of a person being struck by lightning is very small, the low probability does not mean that it will not happen. According to data, the probability of a human being struck by lightning is 1:600,000, and most of the people struck by lightning are men! This is not groundless. Several sets of statistics on “struck by lightning” show this conclusion: among the people struck by lightning, men account for more than 80%! Someone ridiculed: Do men really like to swear casually?

People struck by lightning share a secret

There is an American man named Roy Sullivan, who is perhaps the luckiest and most unlucky man in the world. He was struck by lightning 7 times on different occasions (the probability of being struck is the ninth power of a thousand), and he was unharmed all seven times. Set a world record for the most times struck by lightning in history. It’s so outrageous. Is it because the uncle has his own electricity, so thunder and lightning always follow him? What was left in his body from those seven hits? Apparently this is an unexplainable mystery!

On July 19, 1892, the shepherd Kessel was struck to death by lightning on a farm in Pennsylvania. When people took off Kessel’s clothes, they saw a shocking sight: the deceased’s chest was left with A photo of the location where the lightning occurred, with a slightly brown oak leaf and fern hidden in the grass. The images of leaves and ferns are so clear that even the smallest veins can be seen with the naked eye.

Edwin E. Robinson is a 62-year-old man who has problems with his ears. He was blinded in a car accident before. By chance, he was struck by lightning. However, something magical happened. He regained his sight and no longer needed a hearing aid to hear sounds! Although Edwin was happy to have his sight and hearing restored unexpectedly, he complained a little: “Now I have to hear my wife’s murmurings all day long!”

If a violent thunderstorm strikes a group of people and only one person is hit, why is this? Why is it okay for someone to be hit by an electric current? Why do some people lose their memory after being struck by lightning? How is the person who was hacked different from the others? What will happen to his body after being hit? Scientists’ research can help people reveal some of the secrets of “people struck by lightning”.

According to insurance company statistics, there are about 600 people every year. Now this number has changed a lot and has increased to 1,500 people. Does that mean someone is specifically looking for someone to strike lightning? Sometimes thunder and lightning do indeed look a bit like living creatures, and lightning rods can’t do anything about them. Whenever the traditional route is blocked, it will also take detours from the ground and approach the target from the bottom up. So what exactly attracts lightning to strike people? No one can figure it out yet.

In addition to men’s own hormones, their psychological factors and behavioral choices are also important causes of trouble. Men are adventurous and prefer outdoor activities such as golfing, football, etc., even having fun in the rain regardless of weather conditions. Men are often not like women. When they encounter lightning and thunder, they don’t blush and their hearts don’t beat. They just do what they should do. Women, on the other hand, are more willing to hide in a relatively safe place to take shelter when they encounter heavy rain or lightning and thunder.

Then there are the career reasons for some men. Most of the people engaged in agricultural work in the fields and construction work outdoors are men. Farmland and other places are in open areas with little or no lightning protection facilities and lack of temporary shelters, so the probability of being struck by lightning is higher.

Don’t think that lightning is cute. In most cases it will always cause severe burns and it can cause cardiac arrest and death. If the current enters the brain, it is likely to cause coma or brain explosion. The mortality rate of being struck by lightning is still quite high, so try to avoid being struck by lightning.

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