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Recently, researchers from the Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered a new species of snake, the Turpan sand snake, on the banks of Aydin Lake in Xinjiang.

New species in Xinjiang - Turpan sand snake

It is understood that “Turpan” means “lowland” in Uyghur. It is sunken downwards with Lake Aydin as the center. The lowest altitude is -154.31 meters, making it the “lowest inland point in the world”, second only to the Dead Sea (- 413 meters), it is also known as the “second lowest land in the world”. The Turpan Sand Snake is the second species of the genus Striped Snake distributed in China. It is also the species with the lowest altitude known to be the origin of the world’s terrestrial animal model.

The genus Albus belongs to the family Alderidae. There are currently 34 described species in this genus, which are mainly distributed in Africa. Only a few species are found outside Africa, such as the Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East and the Asian continent. The striped snake, also known as the “bullet snake” because of its extremely fast movement, is a typical representative of snakes living in deserts and semi-deserts. It is distributed throughout the arid areas of central Asia.

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