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Recently, a new species was discovered in Wolong Nature Reserve in Sichuan – Mount Balang Snow Lotus, which was confirmed by relevant scientific researchers as a species endemic to Sichuan. At present, relevant scientific research results have been internationally certified. However, its living population is very small and its living environment is too single, so it is easy to be destroyed and extinct.

New species in Sichuan: Balang Mountain snow lotus

Preliminary investigation revealed that the leaves of Mount Balang Snow Lotus are long and jagged, with a pungent aroma, and are quite different in shape from other known species of Snow Lotus. Balang Mountain Snow Lotus is distributed on alpine flowstone beaches at an altitude of about 4400-4700 meters, and exists in the alpine periglacial zone, the highest altitude ecosystem.

According to measurements by scientific researchers, it is currently confirmed that the population of Snow Lotus in Balang Mountain is small, with the wild population expected to be less than 500 plants, and the genetic diversity is relatively single. Balang Mountain in Wolong is currently its only producing area. Therefore, according to the IUCN (World Conservation Union) standards, the Mount Balang snow lotus is identified as “critically endangered”.

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