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NASA has discovers mysterious deep hole on Mars. So far, NASA has not been able to explain the cause of this deep hole on Mars. NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has spent 12 years surveying Mars. Observations have not found any favorable evidence to prove the reason for the existence of this deep hole.

NASA discovers mysterious deep hole on Mars

Scientists say that although there are many depressions and craters on the entire surface of Mars, this huge crater is a little deeper than the average cave, and astronomers are also trying to find out what caused it to form. With current science and technology, many problems on Mars cannot be solved. These deep craters may be craters caused by meteorite impacts more than half a million years ago; collapsed lava tubes created deep craters.

This kind of shallow circular depression discovered by NASA has never been encountered before. In the summer at the South Pole of Mars, when the sunlight is not low, it highlights the shadows of the landscape and makes subtle features suddenly appear. However, some light can still shine on the bottom of the cave, and ice can be found in the cave. This also confirms the possibility of water on Mars, but it does not rule out that it is the crystallization of carbon dioxide.

NASA is also working hard to obtain high-resolution images. Through the preliminary discovery of the mysterious deep hole on Mars, researchers believe that the distance seen on Mars is about 200 to 400 kilometers wide. NASA has no more information to explain the entire problem. Since 2006, the mysterious deep hole on Mars has provided detailed images of the surface of Mars, revealing the existence of some dynamic environments on Mars.

At present, in science, no one thinks that this phenomenon is related to aliens, because no one can explain the reason. NASA will continue to pay attention to this issue, and aliens are also a topic in the scientific community. There are many. There were predictions in the past that there are aliens on Mars. Now humans have also proposed plans to move to Mars. I personally wonder what will happen if humans really move to Mars and encounter aliens in the future, unimaginable.

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