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Utah Department of Public Safety Aviation Bureau personnel were assisting the Division of Wildlife Resources in flying a helicopter to count bighorn sheep in southeastern Utah when they discovered a mysterious metal boulder. After landing, the crew found a triangular prism-shaped metal object standing at the bottom of a slot canyon in a remote red rock area.

Mysterious metal boulder appears in desert

This piece of metal is about 3.6 meters high, and the bottom is perfectly embedded in the ground. I don’t know where it came from or why it is there. On November 23, the Utah Department of Public Safety announced the existence of this “unusual object” to the outside world. The staff wrote in a report after the incident that there was no evidence to show who or what put this behemoth in such a remote place. According to a video taken at the time, one worker pointed to a narrow canyon in the red rock formation and said: “It is facing the only crack.” Another said: “This is crazy.”

Helicopter pilot Bret Hutchings told local news outlets that as the crew approached, “We joked that if one of us suddenly disappeared, the rest of us would probably run away immediately.” Chins believes the metal object may be a work of art. “I guess it could be some trendy artist or a super fan of “2001: A Space Odyssey.” But even for art, it’s really incredible to move such a huge installation to such a remote place.

Because the metal giant is so remote, authorities declined to reveal its exact location, with the Utah Department of Public Safety saying: “If someone attempted to enter the area, they would likely become trapped there and require rescue.” In addition, the department also said in a statement: “No matter which planet you come from, it is illegal to install structures or artworks on federally managed public lands without authorization.”

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