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The consequences of a fatal animal attack can be terrifying, but do you know which animal is most likely to kill you? By analyzing data provided by the Gates Foundation and National Geographic, technology media CNET compiled the 24 animals that kill the most humans every year, among which mosquitoes kill millions of people every year.

Mosquitoes kill millions of people every year

No. 1 mosquito: Killing 1 million people every year

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, mosquitoes kill 1 million people every year, and most of them are infected with malaria due to bites from mosquitoes carrying dengue fever and West Nile virus.

No. 2 Man: Kills 475,000 people every year

Humans are the second deadliest animal in the world in terms of killing their own kind, and many of them die from gun violence.

No. 3 venomous snake: kills 50,000 people every year

Indiana Jones’ fear of venomous snakes is completely understandable, as they are the third most deadly creature in the world. Although the chance of death from a venomous snake bite in the United States is almost zero, other regions obviously lack efficient medical measures similar to those in the United States.

No. 4 Dog : Kills 25,000 people every year

As man’s best friend, dogs are also man’s nightmare. Up to 25,000 people are bitten to death by rabid dogs every year.

No. 5 stink bug: Kills 10,000 people every year

Stink bugs transmit dangerous parasites through their feces. This parasite can cause trypanosomiasis, symptoms of which include severe swelling of the heart or head. This fatal stage of the disease kills 10,000 people every year.

Tied for No. 5 place: Freshwater snails kill 10,000 people every year

Freshwater snails can release parasites that cause schistosomiasis in tropical and subtropical freshwaters. Schistosomiasis can cause a variety of problems, including rashes, digestive problems, infertility, and bladder cancer.

Tied for No. 5 place Tsetse fly: killing 10,000 people every year

African sleeping sickness is a parasitic disease caused by the tsetse fly. There are treatments for this parasitic disease, but the affected areas are mainly in rural areas, where effective treatments are often not available. After years of infection, many people end up dying from it.

No. 8 scorpion: kills 3,250 people every year

It is common sense to avoid scorpions. In fact, there are only two types of scorpions in the world that are venomous enough to kill people, including the Israeli golden scorpion and the Brazilian yellow scorpion. Children, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems are particularly susceptible to the effects of neurological scorpion venom.

No.9 Roundworm : Kills 2,500 people every year

The eggs of these parasites are very small and can easily enter the human mouth along with contaminated soil. Roundworms usually reside in the small intestine, absorbing nutrients and causing organ infections. Even as roundworms grow, they can cause intestinal obstruction.

No.10 Tapeworm: Kills 2,000 people every year

Tapeworms usually enter the body in the form of eggs through contaminated food or water. Infections can go unnoticed for years and show no outward symptoms before they suddenly become severe.

No.11 Crocodile: Kills 1,000 People Every Year

Crocodiles are opportunistic hunters and may attack any animal that enters their habitat. About 1,000 people are fatally attacked by crocodiles every year, but because crocodiles usually hunt in poor and remote areas, crocodile attacks are rarely reported.

No.12 Hippopotamus: Causes 500 deaths every year

Don’t be fooled by hippos’ sleepy or silly appearance, they are actually some of the most aggressive creatures on the planet. If humans get too close, they will attack without hesitation. On average, more than one person dies at the hands of hippos every day.

Tied for No.12 place Elephants : kill 500 people every year

If you respect their living space, elephants will respect you. But when elephants feel threatened by poachers or aggressive tourists, they become particularly angry and view any animal in sight as a threat.

No.14 Lion: Killed 250 times a year

Lions are predators and often view humans as prey, especially if the lions are not bred. But this is understandable. Hunting is the nature of lions, and it is also the best way for “Simba” to avoid death.

No.15 South African black buffalo: kills 200 people every year

Many reputable hunting organizations sell buffalo hunting opportunities online. The problem is that male buffalo usually stroll alongside the herd, watching from a distance, and they like to sneak up on any threats from behind.

No.16 Deer: Kills 130 people every year

Ironically, Bambi kills more than 130 people every year. If this surprises you, you’ve probably never had the experience of being on a dark country road and your searchlight failing to spot a frozen deer.

No.17 Bee: Kills 53 people every year

Allergic reactions to bee stings are the leading cause of death among people killed by bees.

No.18 Jellyfish: Kills 40 people every year

Being stung by a jellyfish can usually ruin your beach trip, but 200,000 people are stung by jellyfish every year, and 40 of them may die as a result.

No.19 Ant: Causes 30 deaths every year

Although ants are small, they are quite ferocious. Fire ants are so dangerous that they swarm onto their victims, tearing open their skin and injecting toxins into their bodies.

No.20 Cheetah: Kills 29 people every year

Cheetahs are not the most ferocious of cats, but as their habitat dwindles, they have become increasingly aggressive. About 30 people are killed each year by fatal cheetah attacks.

No.21 Horse: Causes 20 deaths every year

Although horses are herbivores and generally have a gentle disposition, human-horse interactions cause more than 20 fatal accidents worldwide each year, so it’s best to listen to the jockey.

No.22 Wolf: Kills 10 people every year

Between the 14th and 19th centuries, wolves killed hundreds of people every year. Today, the number of people killed by wolf attacks each year has dropped to about 10.

No. 23 Shark: Kills 5 people every year

Although in the 1975 movie “Jaws” of the same name, a shark killed 5 people and 1 dog. But in reality, sharks only kill five people each year.

No.24 Alligators: Kill 1 person per year

You’re 13 times more likely to die from a vending machine than an alligator, but the latter doesn’t have the scary teeth of the former. In fact, on average, only one person is killed each year by an alligator attack.

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