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Recently, researchers discovered for the first time that Mars has a groundwater system. The remains of the crater indicate the presence of interconnected underground lakes and the presence of minerals needed for the survival of living things. Researchers have long thought Mars had vast oceans. Now, new research provides strong support for this concept. Researchers believe these underground lakes around the world may be connected to the ocean.

Mars has a groundwater system which is a good start

If the earth is going to die one day, then immigrating to Mars may become the best way for human civilization to continue. If humans can really immigrate to Mars, how much will it cost to go there?

Although the idea of immigrating to Mars is frequently mentioned, and the ticket price seems to be relatively cheap, even if you reach Mars, the surrounding environment will be very difficult, and there is a high possibility of death. When you successfully land on Mars, you will To begin the endless process of creating bases, there isn’t much time for leisure.

The existence of a large underground water system on Mars is one of the favorable conditions for humans to immigrate to Mars. We also expect scientists to explore more mysteries from Mars.

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