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Britain discovers magic spring water. There is a mysterious well on the banks of the Nidd River in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, England. Any object that comes into contact with the water in this well will slowly become petrified. Local residents believed the well was cursed by the devil until scientists solved the mystery of the petrified well water.

Magic spring water discovered in UK

For centuries, local residents believed the petrified well was cursed by the devil – a belief fueled by the fact that the well’s outer rim resembles a giant skull. People live in fear all year round, fearing that if they come into contact with well water, they will turn into stone.

Of course, there have always been bold and adventurous locals who have been experimenting with well water for hundreds of years. They placed various everyday objects near the water and watched how they changed over the coming weeks and months. Some of the “remains” still visible – a Victorian top hat, a teddy bear, a water bottle and even a bicycle – are now reduced to stone.

At present, scientists have solved the mystery of the petrified well – this well is not scary. The mineral content of well water is too high. When it comes into contact with objects, a thin film will form on the surface of the object. After long-term exposure to the sun, the thin film will turn into a hard mineral shell. This is consistent with the formation principle of stalactites and stalagmites. However, it is obvious that the petrification effect of the well water is very strong, and the process of turning objects into stone is faster.

The water from this well is not drinkable due to its high mineral content.

Nowadays, many tourists come here to admire the petrified well, the gurgling water from the well, and the various surrounding objects that have been turned into stones. “When I saw the petrified teddy bear hanging by the well, and saw various clothes-shaped, shoe-shaped, and umbrella-shaped stones, I realized that I was admiring an extremely magical geological wonder.” A man named Monty – White’s visitor wrote on the blog.

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