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The Venduehuis auction house in The Hague, Netherlands, announced that the world’s largest freshwater pearl was auctioned for 320,000 euros that day.

Largest freshwater pearl auctioned for first time

Pearl jewelry not only comes in round and oval shapes, but also in various baroque shapes. It is also divided into seawater pearls and freshwater pearls. Today I will introduce to you the largest freshwater pearl in the world. If you see its appearance, you would not even think that it is a pearl. Nature is a magical creator, and there are all kinds of strange things.

Naturally, this huge pearl cannot be used as jewelry, so what can this pearl be used for? It was used for collection and display, and was also purchased by people from all over the world. It was auctioned at the world’s most famous auction company, and was finally bought by a Japanese company for 320,000 euros. Although it is not a precious piece of jewelry, it has the aura of being the best freshwater pearl on its head. It is also attractive enough. Perhaps Japan is more concerned about pearl culture.

This freshwater pearl is called “Sleeping Lion”. It is 7 centimeters long and weighs 120 grams. If it can produce such a large pearl, how big should this river mussel be? Yes, we can imagine how big a river clam must be, and then you will feel that it is indeed shocking.

Tracing back to the source, this gram of pearls came from China, which was the period of prosperity of the country during the Qianlong period. As for why it was exiled to other places, it is ultimately a legendary story.

Because this pearl is large enough, it is a prominent symbol at any time. In 1765, this pearl was purchased and smuggled out of the country by someone with ulterior motives. It was bought by Sander, an accountant supervisor of the East India Company. After his death, the pearl was It was put up for auction and bought by Queen Catherine II of Russia, so it was taken to St. Petersburg.

After Catherine’s death, the “Sleeping Lion” continued to be sold, and after changing hands several times, it appeared at a recent auction and was bought. Perhaps as precious jewelry, this is the fate of being changed owners repeatedly, because people will grow old but jewelry is eternal.

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