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There are many small countries in the international community that are not known to ordinary people. For example, the Kingdom of Tavolara that I will introduce today is located on Tavolara Island. There are currently only 11 part-time islanders. Note that they are part-timers. They may abandon the island one day.

Kingdom of Tavolara

Tavolara Island is located in the upper right corner of Sardinia, Italy. The current king is Antonio Bertolini, who was a fisherman. This country’s uniqueness is not only small, but also not recognized by the international community.

Although it is not recognized, Tavorara Island is still welcomed by countless tourists because the scenery here is so beautiful.

Such beautiful scenery attracted the interest of Queen Victoria at the time, and she sent someone to take photos of the royal family of this small country.

The only restaurant on the island is also the office of the current King Tonino. He said that he may be the only king in the world who is no different from ordinary people.

In addition to 11 part-time islanders, there are currently more than 100 goats in the country.

There is a statue on the island. This statue is not decorative, but has its own meaning. The figure of the statue is Giuseppe Bertolini, the great-great-grandfather of the current King Tonino, and the first resident of the island.

Although the country of Tavolara is not internationally recognized and is subordinate to Italy, the island was actually founded 25 years earlier than Italy.

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