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According to the British “Daily Mail” report on January 30, ants have amazing weight-bearing capabilities and can drag items 1,400 times more than their weight. Frenki Jung, a 17-year-old boy from Samfa City, Indonesia, recently filmed a little ant easily lifts 5cm long caterpillar in his backyard. A small ant easily lifts an entire caterpillar with its mandibles.

Indonesian ant easily lifts 5cm long caterpillar

At that time, the weaver ant encountered a caterpillar on a branch. In order to clear this “roadblock”, it first bit the caterpillar, and then used a weightlifter’s “clean and jerk” movement to directly lift the caterpillar over its head. Frankie said that although this powerful ant is only 1 centimeter long, it did not show any signs of struggle when dealing with the 5 centimeter long caterpillar. Frankie said he was stunned by the scene.

It is reported that weaver ants are mainly distributed in Asia and Australia, and their nests can accommodate nearly half a million worker ants. Because they often prey on agricultural pests, they are often used as effective biological control agents.

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