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Recently, a woman accidentally discovered a plant called hydrnora africana when she was playing in the desert. This is a round plant with a red shell, and the woman found that these plants not only have brightly colored shells, but also look very familiar in shape…

hydrnora africana a plant that makes people shy

Seeing such a magical scene, the woman did not know exactly what kind of plant it was at the time, so she filmed it. After a recent investigation, the woman learned that it turned out to be a plant called hydrnora africana.

This plant, called Hydrnora africana, grows in a few arid and barren desert areas such as southwestern Namibia and the northern capes of South Africa. It is a peculiar flesh-colored parasitic flower that sucks the roots of nearby shrubs. The foul-smelling flower clusters attract swarms of carrion beetles.

The vitality of this plant is very tenacious. Even in the dry and scorching desert, they can survive. Once a mosquito flies into their body, they will close their doors and swallow the mosquito.

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