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New research from Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute points out that humans are the only intelligent species in the observable universe.

Humans may be the only intelligent species

The abstract of the research report reads, “When we readjust this model to show the actual distribution of uncertainty, we find that the ex ante probability that there is no other intelligent life in the observable universe is very high, and therefore we cannot detect the existence of intelligent life signals.” , shouldn’t be too surprising.

This result resolves the Fermi Paradox and therefore eliminates the need for speculation, since it must ultimately be concluded that other civilizations have had no observable effects on the universe.

The Fermi Paradox is named after the physicist Fermi. It describes the contradiction between the lack of evidence of intelligent alien civilization visiting the earth and the high possibility of the existence of more than one civilization. Such a paradox is affected by many factors.

These factors include the fact that there are billions of sun-like stars in the Milky Way, many of which have Earth-like planets, and the possibility that some civilizations may develop interstellar travel, which is now discussed by experts, including theoretical physicist Michio Kaku .

Researchers Anders Sandberg, Eric Drexler and Toby Ord also explored the well-known Drexel equation, an equation derived by multiplying seven parameters, in an attempt to study the different variables related to alien life.

The study revisited the Drake equation to see what happens when chemical and genetic transformation parameters are added. Including these factors in the equation yields considerable scientific uncertainty, they note.

The research report also mentioned that when we updated the ex ante probability based on Fermi’s observations, we found that there is a very high probability that we are the only life in the Milky Way, even in the observable universe (the probability is 53% to 99.6%, and 39 % to 85%).

Where are they? Maybe somewhere super far away, maybe beyond the horizon of the universe, or even somewhere that will never be reached.

Despite the pessimistic results of this study, this does not mean that aliens do not exist, or that we will never find aliens. This means that based on current knowledge, humans may be the only intelligent species in the galaxy.

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