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The current surface of the moon is actually no longer a mystery to humans. Although humans are still unable to live on the moon, but the humans left behind 200 tons of moon junk. Many people have asked, why are there nearly 200 tons of garbage on the moon? Who threw it? I believe many friends have already thought that these garbage are naturally left by humans.

Humans left behind 200 tons of moon junk

In the competition between the United States and the Soviet Union in the last century, the former Soviet Union launched mankind’s first artificial satellite. Naturally, the United States was not to be far behind, and was preparing to do something bigger and more sensational to attract the world’s attention. This plan was to land a man on the moon. In fact, with the space technology of the time, manned landing on the moon was a very expensive and dangerous matter, but the United States had to do this in order to surpass the Soviet Union.

After several years of preparation, the United States finally successfully landed on the moon in 1969. Humanity was excited, completely covering up the aura of the Soviet Union. In the following years, the United States carried out five more moon landings. The United States successfully landed on the moon six times at a huge cost. In the end, the Soviet Union disintegrated. The United States won the competition between the United States and the Soviet Union, and naturally it stopped continuing to land on the moon.

Since the moon is very close to the earth, countries that can successfully launch satellites basically have the ability to send exploration vehicles to the moon. Some of them cannot be recycled well and end up crashing on the moon as moon junk.

However, with the continuous advancement of human space science, it will be very easy to land on the moon in the future, and the time to unlock the secrets of the moon is not too far away. There will be lunar tourism in the future, and ordinary people can also travel to the moon and appreciate the scenery of the moon.

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