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According to reports, a group of young people encountered a huge jellyfish swarm floating on the sea while boating in southeastern Ukraine. The boat was surrounded by jellyfish and was unable to move.

Huge jellyfish swarm covers the sea in Ukraine

According to reports, in Zaporizya, southeastern Ukraine, a group of young people encountered a large number of jellyfish floating on the sea while boating in the Sea of Azov. Although the site is a jellyfish habitat, there are many more jellyfish than usual this year.

It can be seen in the video that the jellyfish are about the size of a dinner plate and are densely packed in a large area. Because the boat is surrounded by jellyfish groups, the boater must use the paddle to push away the jellyfish before moving forward.

According to relevant reports, global warming has caused jellyfish flooding in recent years. A 1℃-2℃ increase in ocean temperature will not harm jellyfish at all, but it will have a serious impact on the living environment of sea turtles, the natural enemies of jellyfish.

In addition, overfishing and excessive discharge of toxic drugs are also the main causes of jellyfish flooding. For a long time, humans have overfished marine fish, seriously destroying the ecological balance of the ocean and causing jellyfish and other aquatic molluscs and harmful algae to multiply in large numbers.

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