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Except for “Cockroach Pillow” which was very popular a while ago! Recently, a “Gecko Pillow” was released. Unexpectedly, it is more terrifying than a cockroach… Such a big one is the best gift for anyone! It’s also very suitable to give to someone you hate, and it’s also suitable for both gifting and personal use~

Horrifying gift for the whole person--Gecko pillow

That kind of real touch… At first glance, I thought I had caught such a big gecko, which almost scared me to death.

Generally speaking, pillows are soft and soothing, allowing people to sleep peacefully while holding them! But not only is this gecko pillow not very healing, it also scares people so much that when they see it, they jump 30,000 meters away. It’s totally the opposite. It’s definitely the best gift to tease someone or give it to someone you hate!

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