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The Gate of Hell is located in Turkmenistan in Central Asia. Former Soviet geologists and engineers came to conduct resource exploration. They originally believed that a huge oil field might be dug here, but instead they drilled a cave full of natural gas.

Gates of Hell Burn for 48 Years

The ground where the drill bit and exploration camp were located also collapsed into a pit, turning into a huge hole with a diameter of nearly 70 meters and a depth of about 30 meters.

After the cave collapsed, natural gas and toxic gases began to spread outwards. After consideration, geologists decided to ignite the natural gas to prevent harmful gases from causing health damage to nearby residents.

Geologists predicted that the flames would be extinguished within a few days due to the natural gas burning out, but they did not expect that the flames have continued to burn for 48 years, and have even become a well-known tourist attraction in Turkmenistan.

Although this “beautiful mistake” has given the local area a new tourist value, from the perspective of ecological protection and resource use, the “Gate of Hell” is obviously a big killer of environmental damage and resource waste.

At least tens of billions of dollars worth of natural gas are burned every year. The President of Turkmenistan also made a special visit here in April 2010 in an attempt to prevent the fire from continuing to burn, but so far no effective method has been found to stop it.

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