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Belgian photographer Adams shared a photo of a golden penguin online. The photographer said that the photo was accidentally taken during a scientific expedition in 2019. This is the first golden penguin ever discovered.

First golden penguin discovered in Antarctica

We know that penguins usually have a black back and a white belly. They look like a Western gentleman in a tuxedo and waddle when they walk. This is because black and white are the protective colors that ensure the survival of penguins. When penguins move in the water, the black on their backs makes them difficult to spot. From underwater, penguins are hard to see by their natural predators when they are against the light in the sky, making them safe from seals, sharks and killer whales.

At the same time, they can adjust their body temperature by changing their color. When they are hot, they use their white underbelly to emit sunlight; when they are cold, they turn their black side toward the sun to absorb heat.

As for this rare golden penguin, experts say it should be suffering from albinism, so it cannot produce melanin. Golden penguins use part of their yellow feathers to attract mates. It is unclear whether this penguin is more popular in the group.

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