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Bars are a place for curiosity. The more unconventional a bar is, the more popular it will be. Recommendations for the most alternative bars in the world!

Enjoy life at the most alternative bar in the world

1. Starfish Bar: The world’s first underwater bar

Located in the Red Sea, this bar is the world’s first underwater bar and restaurant. The bar is 6 meters deep in the water, and there are two glass windows next to each table, so guests can enjoy the underwater scenery. In addition to the underwater natural scenery, the interior decoration of the bar is also unique. The jellyfish-shaped high chairs and sea anemone-style ceiling lights can only be seen in such a bar.

2. Skeleton Bar: Fantasy Alien World

This bar looks like it is owned by aliens. The designer of the bar, Hans Rudi Giger, has participated in the design of many alien-style movies and has won many awards including the Oscar for Best Special Effects. The design of the bar is quite successful. When you walk into the bar, you will find yourself in an alien world or inside the skeleton of a giant monster.

3. The Hobbit Restaurant: The Dwarf Tribe of The Lord of the Rings

The Hobbit Restaurant in Manila, Philippines has long been world-famous. The entire bar, from waiters to cashiers, is staffed by dwarfs who are shorter than normal people. This idea originated from the short Hobbit in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Another attraction of the bar is the wide variety of beers. There are more than a hundred types of beer here, many of which are shipped from all over the world.

4. Ice Bar: The Desert Oasis of the Middle East

Located in the hot Middle East, the Ice Bar is undoubtedly a “desert oasis”. Almost everything in the bar is carved from ice. Guests will sit on “ice chairs” or “ice stools” and face an “ice table.” Even plates and glasses are made of ice. For $15, you can rent a set of “cold-weather” gear: a hooded jacket, cotton gloves and warm shoes, plus a drink.

5. Casa Pocho Bar, Spain: A Place to Release Stress

With the global economy in a slump and bar-goers often in bad tempers, a bar in Spain is encouraging guests to insult waiters to help “release stress”. Bar operators encouraged patrons to “speak foul language” to waiters, and whoever’s foul language was “original” would receive free beer and snacks. According to the operator, this method helps maintain family harmony: people usually come here to curse before going home, and then go back when they are discouraged and there will be no more quarrels.

6. Hospital themed bar: Drink red drinks in infusion bags

There is a bar called “Clinic” in the bustling area of ​​Singapore. The bar uses hospital equipment as elements. The lights are shadowless lights from the operating room, the chairs are wheelchairs used by patients, and the screens are the white sand screens most commonly used in hospitals. Of course, if you are interested, you can try their red drinks in infusion bags.

7. Zetor Bar

Zetor Bar: Tractor-themed bar Zetor is a Czech tractor brand that was extremely famous during the Cold War. This bar in Helsinki, Finland is named Zetor. True to its name, this bar is indeed tractor-themed. Imagine what it would be like to sit on a tractor and drink a beer.

8. Coffin Bar: An alternative timeless bar

This “coffin bar” in Ukraine also has a nicer name “Eternity Bar”.

9. DM Bar: Electronic music theme bar

DM stands for Depeche Mode, a British electronic band formed in the 1980s. The bar is very popular with this theme.

10.June Barugh Bar: Garage Bar

British woman June Barugh ran a bar in her garage but was shut down by the police.

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