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I believe that everyone is familiar with the various luxurious buildings in Dubai. Anyway, it should be the best in the world. This time, Dubai has made another big move, spending 230 million pounds to build the world’s first tropical rainforest hotel. The world of rich people is so willful.

Dubai £200 million to build tropical rainforest hotel

The world’s first hotel with its own rainforest is called “Rosemont Hotel & Residences”. The hotel is 47 stories high and has a complete artificial beach, leisure pool and tropical rainforest.

Building a tropical rainforest in a desert city sounds a bit fanciful, but insufficient congenital conditions cannot stop Dubai people from pursuing a better life. It is said that it cost 230 million pounds to build this hotel.

The artificial rainforest will be located on the platform at the base of the twin towers, covering an area of 75,000 square feet and filled with various exotic plants. The entire rainforest will occupy the five floors of the hotel and will be equipped with a temperature and humidity environment suitable for the growth of these plants.

The hotel will be ideal for families, offering an adventure play area for children, a bowling alley and a trampoline park. The number of guest rooms in the entire hotel will reach 450.

In addition to hotels, Rosemont Hotel Apartments also has 280 private residences, multiple shopping malls and some social venues, and is expected to become a new business district in Dubai.

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