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Tea is a great drink that can remove fat and refresh your mind, but the health benefits of drinking tea don’t stop there. A small-scale study from the Department of Psychological Medicine at the National University of Singapore’s Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine found that drinking tea regularly can delay brain aging.

Drinking tea regularly delay brain aging

To determine whether drinking tea can make the communication lines in the brain more effectively organized, the researchers selected 36 middle-aged and elderly people over the age of 60 for investigation, of which 15 people drank tea frequently and 21 people rarely or never drank tea. Participants provided detailed information on their overall health, emotional psychology, lifestyle, etc., and underwent MRI scans and 12 neuropsychological function tests and cognitive function measurements.

The researchers focused specifically on the connectivity of default mode neural networks (DMNs). The DMN is a large network connecting multiple brain regions. Its important functions include self-awareness, empathy, moral reasoning, and imagining the future. After comparing the test results of the two groups, the researchers found that the overall network of the tea drinkers’ brains was more complete, and their functional and structural connections were more efficient. When connections between brain areas exhibit more structured features, information processing can be performed more efficiently. The findings were published in the Journal of Aging.

This research result proves for the first time the positive impact of tea drinking on brain structure, indicating that regular tea drinking can delay the aging of brain tissue.

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