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Recently, a British toast shop called Grill My Cheese launched a dark cuisine called “Rainbow Cheese Grilled Toast” on Easter Eve, which immediately broke the Internet and became an “Internet celebrity”.

Dark cuisine comes out in Britain again

It is understood that this “Rainbow Cheese Baked Toast” is a limited edition for Easter and is only sold in Selfridges department store on Oxford Street, London, with a unit price of 9 pounds. And this sales stall is only set up four weeks before and after Easter.

Of course, such a gimmick attracted many people to try it. The staff said that the colors of the rainbow cheese are not dyed with artificial dyes, but are made with cabbage, onions, etc., so diners can eat it with confidence.

However, there are also many “cheese lovers” who don’t buy it and dislike the fact that rainbow-colored cheese looks unappetizing: “Do the British have any misunderstandings about cheese?”

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