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Nowadays, the most popular thing among Japanese mothers is that in addition to lunchboxing, which is a must-have basic skill, the most popular thing recently is this “Cartoon hand torn bread“!

Cartoon hand-torn bread is so cute

In fact, Cartoon hand-torn bread (ちぎりパン) means just like its literal meaning: “The bread is connected to each other, and you have to tear it open with your hands to eat the bread.”

Japan, which is known as the country with the highest level of virtuous mothers in the world (XD), of course uses various ingenious ways to decorate bread, making netizens want to be their children.

These cute breads are made by wakaayum. Her IG is filled with all kinds of cartoon versions of hand-torn breads. The styles are rich and the details of each piece of bread are even more kawaii.

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