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A research team from the University of Oxford in the UK has announced a major archaeological discovery. Their claim to have discovered Santa Claus’s remains attracted widespread public attention.

British scientists claim to have found Santa Claus's remains

According to the British “Daily Mirror”, the well-known “Santa Claus” does have a character prototype in history: he is the Christian saint and Bishop of Mira (now in Turkey) Saint Nicholas, who was known for his generosity during his lifetime. After the bishop’s death, the remains were transported to Italy. Most of the remains were enshrined in the southern city of Bari and the northeastern city of Venice, while a small number were scattered to churches around the world. The owners of some of the remains have changed several times. The authenticity cannot be verified.

It is understood that the owner of the skeleton obtained by Oxford University is a clergyman from Illinois, USA. After identification, the age of this bone is basically consistent with the death time of Saint Nicholas, which is more consistent with historical data than many bone fragments previously studied by Oxford University. What excites the academic community even more is that the pelvic part of the bishop’s remains enshrined in Italy is incomplete, with only a small part of the upper left part of the pelvis remaining, while the bones obtained by Oxford University came from the lower left part of the pelvis. The scientific research team said that they may rush to Italy for further verification and “restore” the remains of “Santa Claus” in the future.

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