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Russian biologist Vera Emelianenko went for a walk on the coast of the White Sea in the Russian Arctic and discovered something very unusual – a Blu-ray snow that looked like Christmas lights.

Blu-ray snow discovered in Russian Arctic

With Emelianenko was Mikhail Neretin, the son of a molecular biologist who works at the same remote field station, and two dogs. That was the first time Neredin noticed the strange blue glow, and as they walked to investigate, they noticed their footsteps created an illusive line of blue, “like blue Christmas lights in the snow” . Even the dogs left a blazing trail as they moved forward, squeezing the blazing snow into their hands only making the snow light stronger.

Intrigued by the discovery, Semenov returned to the station and asked photographer Alexander Semenov to accompany her so they could document the phenomenon. For about two hours, they stepped on the snow to make it glow, and Semenov took photos that later went viral on social media. The same photos were sent to scientists across Russia, all of whom were interested in the phenomenon.

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